Back at it! Harmonize gifts new bae a red Range Rover

The singer gifted his current girlfriend the luxury car for her birthday

Harmonize gifts new lover a red range rover
Image: Instagram/Harmonize.

"Amelowa" hitmaker Harmonize seems to have healed from his last relationship and is back at his old ways... splurging on his love interest with luxury cars.

The bongo superstar apparently gifted his new girlfriend a red Range Rover for her birthday.

Harmonize's new bae who happens to be a fashion fanatic who also owns a clothing line made the revelation during an interview with Wasafi TV.

When asked if she had bought the car herself or if her babe her gifted her the big machine, the fashion fanatic identified as Shiskiki went on to say that it was a gift from a special someone who truly treasures her.

She failed to mention the singer's name but it was quite obvious from her blushing face and how she spoke of the guy.

Pressing on for an answer the host went on to ask, "baby ndio alikupea Range...? Na tunaweza kumwita mpenzi wako? Si ni mpenzi?" 

"Yes... unaweza kamuita lolote lakini mimi namuita mtu anaye nidhamini..." responded the CEO before letting out a light chuckle.

Back on January 30th during her birthday Sishkiki posed next to the red Range Rover which had a huge red ribbon plastered over it. she was dressed in an all-black outfit.

She captioned the post, "truly a splendid way to celebrate my +1 Happy birthday to me," accompanied by a love emoji.

The two have been rumoured to have been together since the singer went separate ways with his former girlfriend Fridah Kajala.

Back then Harmonize had shared the car on his insta stories noting that he had brought his bae a birthday cake. He did not post a photo of the said bae then but he did put up a photo of a red Range.

And 1 + 1 is most definitely 2.

Plus, the artist does have a history of gifting his women, particularly with a Range Rover. I mean his ex-fiance Fridah Kajala received two while he was on a quest to win Kajala back.

However, after their break up, there emerged a conflict over the ownership of the two Range Rover cars.

According to Juma Lokole, Kajala declined to return one of the Range Rovers since when Harmonize bought them, he registered them in her name. 

I mean ownership goes to whomever name is in the logbook. The other car was allegedly auctioned as the payments were not cleared.

Hopefully, the two don't end up breaking up to avoid another car drama or if he's any wiser he registered the car under his name this time round but then that wouldn't be a gift now, would it?

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