Fierce Kinuthia claps back at netizens asking him to act like a man

The content creator's sexuality has always been a big debate due to his dressing style

in the stunning pink dress
TikTok content creator Kinuthia in the stunning pink dress
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator and social media influencer Kelvin Kinuthia is yet again taking to his online pages to clap back at people who are seemingly bothered by his sexuality.

Kinuthia's fame skyrocketed due to his love for feminine attire and beauty products that he used while making his skits. But with time people started doubting if his nails, makeup, and dressing was just for skits or if he was low-key a member of the rainbow community.

Well, the 21-year-old has people who are still bothered by his wardrobe choice, focus on your life!


Taking to his TikTok page, Kinuthia posted a video asking people to learn to mind their business and what pays them.

In the video the young man was clad in a pink striped dera and had black braids on, he mouthed the words to a trending TikTok video that has a stern warning while criticizing people.

"Useless, unakuja kuniaddress na ata hujui utakula nini lunch. Hata sukuma wiki huwezi afford! (You are coming to address me and you don't even know what you are going to have for lunch.


You cannot even afford mere greens!)" Part of the audio goes.

Which is the followed up with, "Wewe ni nini inakungoja. Ama ukaongee na mwenye duka akakukope. (You what is out there waiting for you? What do you have? Maybe you go talk to the shopkeeper so that they may loan you something) Address me again!"

The audio Kinuthia used in his video announced coupled with some obscene unprintable insults.

The YouTube content creator captioned the video, "when someone comes to tell me, "aaiii Kinuthia siukuwe mwanaume tu (Kinuthia si you just act like a man please)"

A month ago KInuthia had caused a stir online after referring to himself as a small girl.

The question surrounding his sexuality was a big topic last year up until he made it clear that he is male and only cross-dresses for the money, something that Kenyans don't seem to buy.

In a past interview, the TikToker said, "There is nowhere that I have ever claimed that I am not male, nowhere."

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