Kanye West sued for more than Sh36 million by ex-employee

Kanye and his apparel company Yeezy are being sued for breach of contract

Kanye West and his apparel company are being sued by one of his former employees

Iconic fashion designer, musical genius, and entrepreneur Kanye West is in trouble yet again.

His apparel powerhouse Yeezy got sued by one of his ex-employees.

You really can never catch a break with Ye, it is always one thing after the other.

Yeezy alongside its founder who recently changed his name to Ye is being sued by the former employee for $275 thousand due to what she terms as a breach of contract.

That translates to a little more than 36.4 million shillings.

Why is the father of 4 getting sued for the umpteenth time you wonder, well the ex-employee identified as Dora Szilagyi claims she was promised a $275,000 severance payment if she was fired without cause after September 1, 2021, but she claims it was never paid to her when she was let go in mid-December of the same year.

According to legal documents about the case Dora was clearly hired to be Yeezy's "Director of Product Innovation" back in June 2021, but only after Kanye convinced her to quit her role at Adidas and work for him full-time.

Now in the brewing suit, the former employee says she doesn't believe Kanye or his company ever intended to follow through on the severance package and only dangled it to lure her from Adidas.

This seems like it's going to be a tough one, especially since a year has already passed since her termination and Yeezy still hasn't held its end of the bargain.

The case comes at such a terrible time for Ye and his apparel company as they're currently going through a handful now.

Yeezy already suffered a tremendous loss after its biggest partner house Adidas cut ties with its founder earlier this year due to his repeated antisemitic comments.

I mean Adidas is also looking at millions of losses and is considering burning Yeezy merchandise worth $500 million following their "breakup" with fashion designer Kanye West. Adidas revealed that they didn't know what to do with all the Yeezy stock that they had in their stock.

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