Akothee and husband Denis Omosh
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Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee got married this past Monday in a ceremony that will arguably go down as the wedding of the year.

While much is known about the mom of 5, many might not have an idea who her new hubby Mr. Denis Schweizer is.

But we at Mpasho.co.ke have got you covered. Let's begin.

The man comes for Switzerland and met Akothee through a mutual friend who is Swiss and who called the mom of 5 when she was holidaying in Europe.

It should be known that the musician had met this mutual friend 13 years ago when she was working as a taxi drive in Mombasa.

So when Akothee met the mutual friend, Omosh came along and was introduced as a businessperson looking to invest in Kenya and who wanted connections on how and where to start.

That's not all, apparently Omosh had been visiting Kenya since 2019 as he has invested in the country. 

Akothee and her hubby Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer during their wedding at Windsor Hotel on April 10, 2023.

The Swiss national loves Kenya saying the citizens are very warm and welcoming, unlike in Switzerland where everyone minds their business.

The only business we do know  that Akothee and Omosh have promoted was one called Esedua Farmers, one that is focused on pig farming.

Akothee's nickname for her new man was Mr. Omosh, with his only known social media account on Instagram bearing that name.

After they started dating, the singer also introduced Omosh as the new chairman of her foundation, The Akothee Foundation.

The couple then dated for 6 months before they got married.

The musician has also had to deny claims that Akothee stole Omosh from another another woman in Mtwapa.

And what about his family? Denis himself stated that his new wife had spoken to his mom for an hour getting to know each other, something that Esther confirmed saying that she told her mother-in-law everything about her, and the two struck a relationship instantly.

Although his parents didn't attend the wedding that took part at Windsor, the couple have said that they will hold another wedding in Switzerland that will take place in 3 three weeks.