Noonkopir Girls closed over alleged cases of lesbianism

Noonkoir Girls Secondary School in Kajiado has been closed following alleged cases of lesbianism among the students.

Some parents who spoke to the Star on Thursday, accused the school administration of going mute as their children are allegedly "beaten up" by those who want them to join the lesbianism club.

Another parent claimed the girls were left alone over the Easter holiday without any teacher or matron, adding that on the night of Saturday of that holiday, some men went to the school through a porous fence.

“Our girls have always complained to the teachers about the beatings they receive from their fellow students alleged to be in the lesbianism club. Teachers tell them that those they accuse of lesbianism have the right to education too,” a parent said.

The matter escalated on Thursday forcing the principal, Florence Kimeu to sent the girls home.

We tried reaching out to Kimeu for clarification on the matter but our messages and calls were not answered.

The county director of education, Martin Cheruyot, told the Star he was informed the girls were sent home on Thursday evening but had no details of what caused the closure.

“I will be going to the school to meet with the board of management today and hopefully by 3 pm, I will have something to tell you,” Cheruyot said.

He said he received scanty information about the tension that caused the closure of the school, but he will be meeting the concerned in a bid to get to the bottom of the allegations of beatings and lesbianism.

“This is not a small matter and we should act fast to reign on the situation before it gets out of hand,” he said.