Couple surprises 5-year-old with a Mercedes G-Wagon for her birthday

The kid had asked for either a Mercedes G Wagon or a BMW

Malaysian couple surprises daughter with a Mercedes G-Wagon for her birthday
Image: TikTok

A Malaysian couple is currently trending on TikTok after they pleasantly surprised their 5-year-old daughter with a Mercedes SUV for her birthday and also as a motivational gift for her studies. 

In a heartwarming TikTok video shared by the family, it was revealed that Farhana Zahra and her husband asked their daughter, Fatima, what she wanted for her birthday.

To their surprise, Fatima confidently presented them with two options: a Mercedes G Wagon or a BMW car. 

And the dotting parents clearly well endowed with wealth decided to fulfill their little girl's birthday wish.

They threw a lavish white and blue themed birthday party for little Fahima and brought along her little heart's wish.

In the video posted to Farhana's over 959.7 thousand followers, Fatima is captured in blindfolds as the luxury vehicle was presented in a transparent trailer adorned with heart balloons and ribbons, creating an enchanting scene.

Captioning the video the proud mom wrote, "Happy 5th birthday to Nur Fatima Az Zahra. Happy that she got the G Wagon that she wanted until she kept asking me to hold the key hahaha..." accompanied with several love heart emojis.

She also noted that she hoped the ideals she was continually instilling in her daughter would help the young girl achieve her dreams of being a doctor.

In a different video, Farhana noted that her daughter had previously refused to go to school and on the first day acted sick and wouldn't go back. However, after getting the birthday wish she said she was ready to go to school now and study well.

Farhana and her husband's move to gift their daughter a luxury gift was however met with a lot of mixed reactions from netizens with most of them calling them out for spoiling the young daughter.

Netizens felt the gift was too extravagant and uncalled for, Farhana however defended the move by noting that her daughter was smart enough to know what she wanted and also keeping their promise to her helped her keep her promise to them to study well.

 Although Fatima is not yet of driving age, her parents have bestowed upon her an extravagant gift. They hope that this generous gesture will serve as a source of inspiration, motivating her to diligently pursue her education and fulfill her aspiration of becoming a doctor one day.

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