Trio Mio's IG account back after being hacked

The artist credited Kevoh Kinds for helping recover his account

Trio Mio had lost his official Instagram account to hackers

"Cheza Kama Wewe" hitmaker Trio Mio has revealed that he has gotten his Instagram account back after losing it to unknown hackers.

The 18-year-old credited digital creator and social media manager Kevoh Kinds for successfully recovering his account.

Posting on his official page moments after getting it back, Trio shared a screen grab from Kevin's page where the social media guru had highlighted his success.

"I managed to get Trio Mio's official account back," Kevoh's post read. He accompanied it with a screenshot of Trio's account as well as a comment from a netizen who had tagged him asking him to "come to the rescue of our brother."

Kevin responded to the comment by saying, "Thanks fam, let me bring his account back." And true to his words less than 24 hours after that, he had successfully gotten the artist's account back.

He also shared a video showing that indeed he had recovered Trio's account and had it on his phone. "Here it is..." Kevin captioned showing him logging into Trio's Instagram account.

Before adding, "sasa mumeamini me ni yule msee (now do you all believe that I am indeed the guy)? Getting a lot of DM's might not manage to reply to all today but thank you guys."

Kevin prides himself as a guy who recovers hacked accounts and manages Instagram accounts as well on Instagram profiles.

A while back, recording and performing artist/ social media influencer Trio Mio announced that his Instagram account was no longer under his management as unknown people had succeeded in hacking it.

The 18-year-old announced this through his record label Trouble Music's official account. He did note that there were efforts underway to try and regain the account that boasts over 438K followers.

Through the press release issued on Trouble Music, the young artist warned his fans and business partners not to engage with the account as it was compromised and they didn't know the intentions the hackers had.

He noted that everyone should ignore whatever messages were sent using his account until otherwise stated.

"I am writing this message to inform you that my Instagram account has been compromised and is currently under the control of an unauthorized person," the first part of his message read.

He went on to add that he was taking all the necessary steps to regain access to his account and was hopeful he'd have it back under his control as soon as possible.

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