Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Bongo movie actress Frida Masanja Kajala has for the first time revealed the main reason for her breakup with singer Harmonize.

Appearing on Mambo Mseto, Kajala was questioned why she parted ways with Konde Boy, and where she disclosed that the star took her for granted.

She added that maybe Harmonize was still young and needed space to do other things on the side and that’s why he was treating her so.

"Ni mazoea mtu akishakuzoea Sana, anakuchukulia poa. Simlaumu yeye ni kijana mdogo, pengine alihitaji 'space',” Frida Kajala said.

This is the first time the actress has given a clear answer concerning her break up with Harmonize.

She is currently in Kenya for a charity event.

Konde Boy and Kajala ended their relationship months after their much-publicized engagement. 

Earlier this month, Harmonize admitted that Kajala Masanja made him write his song, 'Single Again.'

The boss of the Konde Music Worldwide label revealed that he made the song which has become a hit song as a way to heal the heart injury he suffered after breaking up with the actor.

"I was in love. I was looking for a good way to recover from a painful breakup. I ended up making this international song," he said on his Instagram page.

However, he made it clear that he is now doing well, about three months after the relationship ended.

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