Andrew Kibe and Akothee

Akothee has written a long post attacking Andrew Kibe for remarks he made about her wedding, husband, and her life in general.

Akothee has been trending since her lavish wedding, with netizens reacting to it. Kibe is among those and his video about her has not pleased Madam Boss.

The mother of five wrote on her Instagram that she was not pleased. Kibe has now reacted to her accusations, line by line.

"I read the first few lines I was like this looks like a good story," he started.

"Already there is a grammatical error there she could have used a better word instead of push, grammar is already collapsing," he shames her.

In one line, Akothee tells Kibe he is not above the law to which he says,

"And then she doesn't put the full stop where it is supposed to be, she puts a space and then a full stop. I can't stand that. You either know how to talk or you don't. Dont try to be in between."

Akothee also accuses Kibe of being broke, bitter, and toxic. "You can hear she is speaking to me."

She then calls him a failure in life.

"It is debatable I mean if you have a point, you have a point that one is debatable, therefore ..." he leaves it there.

The mom of 5 then points out that he has a fanbase that he's misleading with his toxic masculinity

"Now that's where she loses the argument you see she was going well, she was talking to me, when she stopped talking to me that's where she lost the argument. It's just me and her, and now Akothee is recruiting."

He takes offense that she is bashing his fans. "What are you saying? No, no, no, keep it between me and you. Keep it between us and our families."

Akothee also told off Kibe for hiding in America while keeping up with Kenyan news. She told him he should be working an 8-5 job like other men.

"Akothee labda job yangu ni ku monitor lives zenyu, every time you keep doing something I'm like my job keeps getting better every day. I wake up one of you has done something stupid si mimi ni wewe."

She then concludes that she will not put up with him and that he must be held accountable for his deeds. "Akothee this grammar of yours, we need to talk about it."