Larry Madowo goes back to his ‘Ex’ after two years at CNN 
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CNN international reporter Larry Madowo visited his ex-employer BBC – two years after leaving.

Taking to his socials, Madowo questioned if visiting his ex-employer was a bad gesture to his current employer CNN.

The award-winning journalist was at the media house to feature on their program Newscast to discuss the situation in Sudan.

“Is it cheating if your ex takes you back for 1 day and your current agrees? I was on the BBC for the first time since I left 2 years ago (link in my Stories),” Larry Madowo wrote.

Before joining CNN as their Nairobi-based correspondent, Madowo was assigned to North America as a correspondent for BBC based in Washington DC where he covered the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 US elections, the death of George Floyd, and the trial of Derek Chauvn.

At that particular time, he noted that he was headed to CNN to cover a tiny continent with only 55 Countries.

“Some personal news: I’m heading to CNN to cover a tiny continent with just 55 countries” reads Larry Madowo’s post.

Cable News Network (CNN) has promoted Larry Madowo to be its International correspondent just two months after he was appointed as their Nairobi-based correspondent.

He was later promoted at CNN to be their international reporter.

Madowo previously served as the BBC Africa Business Editor, before exiting the Media House for One year.

 He later made a comeback to BBC as their North America correspondent, a position he vacated after joining CNN.

Madowo previously worked for KTN, NTV, and CNBC Africa.

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