CS Moses Kuria and Miguna Miguna

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has called out Trade CS Moses Kuria after a video of him and his aides 'running to catch a train' in the United States surfaced.

According to Miguna, no genuine commuter runs to catch a train while recording videos and laughing, as his aides and embassy staff follow with his luggage.

He insisted that it was a distasteful act by the Cabinet Secretary.

"No genuine commuter in Kenya, USA, Europe or Asia “runs” to catch a train as bodyguards, personal assistants, embassy staff and messengers run after them with their luggage as they laugh and record videos for TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram... Such kind of churlishness is despicable. We aren’t children!" Miguna tweeted.

He added that it would be good if the CSs ran to catch trains in the country as well.

Miguna said if they took the train 'hustlers' take from Mombasa to Kisumu, it would force them to make it clean and comfortable.

He said there was nothing to cheer in CS Kuria taking the train.

"I would be happy if our cabinet secretaries run to catch trains from Mombasa to Kisumu. Not the SGR. The train hustlers take. That would force them to make it clean and comfortable. Everyone takes the train in Europe and North America. So, that’s nothing to cheer about. Let’s be serious!"

Miguna was reacting to a video that surfaced on Tuesday of Kuria running to catch a 4 am train to New York for the Kenya-US Business Roundtable.