Esma Platnumz

Esma Platnumz, sister to Diamond Platnumz has been rumoured to be dating her brother's rival, Harmonize.

Esma took to Instagram Live social media to shut down the claim, saying she regrets being famous.

"There was a time I wanted to be famous so bad but now, I regret being famous. People wake up creating things so that they have something to talk about," she said


"I am not at peace. You will put these dramas on us that you'll prevent people who really want to love us not even having the courage to approach us."

She gave an example of a man who dumped her because social media reported she was with something else

"Nowadays, I tell men that I am a public figure and whatever they hear on social media, they should ask me first. I loved that guy with all my heart."

"I feel really bad. To be honest. I am hurt"

Esma then insisted that there was nothing going on between Harmonize and herself.

"There's nothing going on, nothing at all."

"I am single. I am not in any relationship. You will now make us not support people so that we are not said to be in a relationship with them. You'll make us stop singing other people's songs and by doing that, you'll make people believe we are selfish and that we don't support other people."

Diamond and Harmonize don't see eye to eye since 2019 when Harmonize left WCB record label which is owned by Diamond Platnumz.

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