Netizens hilariously react to tremors felt in parts of Nairobi and Kiambu

Netizens linked the mild quakes to the drama seen from Pastor Mackenzie and Ezekiel

Residents of Nairobi experienced tremors yesterday evening
An over view photo of a section of Nairobi City Residents of Nairobi experienced tremors yesterday evening
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Kenyans in some parts of the capital city of Nairobi and the neighbouring town of Kiambu experienced tremors yesterday evening (Friday, 28th April) from around 10:27 pm.

The tremors lasted roughly about 10 minutes and were not acute enough to cause any damage although its effects were felt.

As of 10:52 pm, Volcano Discovery which gives near real-time updates on quakes across the globe had received about 166 reports of individuals from around Nairobi and Thika indicating they had felt a tremor at around 10:27 pm. 

Netizens took to social media to detail their different experiences and thoughts when the tremors hit and social media has been abuzz ever since.

Hilariously reacting to having their beds, doors, and wardrobes among other things shaking "unprovoked" in the middle of the night netizens making jest out of the minor quake linked the tremors with the tribulations faced by pastors Ezekiel Odero and Paul Mackenzie.

They argued that the duo were sending signs from the remands in which they are being detained. News of the quake is currently number one trending on Twitter.

Below are some hilarious comments from netizens:

KOT Generali: Earthquake imeanza Westlands, kimeturamba

Crazy Dreamer 254: Pastor Mackenzie said it, imeanza na tremor next ni earthquake.

I_amShiti: Pastor Ezekiel followers about to pull up that earthquake and tremor as a sign from God to free his servant.

Omwamba KE: If you felt the earthquake tremor here in Nairobi just know you have been warned because whatever you are dealing with kitawaramba

Faith Ke: Kimeanza kuwaramba.

The quake which seems to be travelling in a West to East direction was also felt in parts of the United States of America and shortly afterwards in South Pacific Ocean, and New Caledonia about an hour ago

According to Chile Alerta, an app that gives near real-time updates on recent earthquakes, tsunami bulletins and meteorological bulletins detailing the magnitude, date of occurrence of the event and time in Chile, there was a seismic warning for Nairobi. 

The application includes this information in a map view to help users know the exact location of the occurrence. 

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