This is an active crime! Xtian Dela take on Sunday accident that claimed his friend's life

Xtian's friend Ambrose alongside Mr. Seed, DK Kwenye Beat and 2 others were in a car that crashed on Sunday

Xtian Dela angrily mourns his friend Ambrose who lost his life in a grisly accident
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Xtian Dela is mourning the death of his friend videographer Ambrose Khan who lost his life in a grisly road accident on Sunday.

Ambroze was in a vehicle alongside gospel artists Mr. Seed and DK Kwenye Beat and two other unidentified people.

Taking to his Instagram stories Xtian shared his disbelief and anger as he expressed how hard the death of his friend had hit him.

"I'm glad that your local 'celebs' survived that accident that killed my friend Ambroze... what I honestly can't understand is how was Ambro the only one who died in that car that had 5 people?" The first part of his lengthy post read.

Loss hits us in several ways, especially when it is unexpected and the father of one seems to be going through both stages 1 and 2 of the 5 stages of grief, simultaneously as his post was laden with denial and anger.

The social media personality went on to demand answers as to what really transpired as he called out the gospel artists and t=other people who were in the vehicle with Ambrose for not having the decency to mention him in their posts or pay their respects.

"WHO was DRIVING? Were they SOBER? …..WE NEED ANSWERS!!..Fucking shit is PAINFUL!!!... I have PERSONALLY been in those "CONVOYS" and these 'CELEBS' Drive very RECKLESSLY. It's a SHAME that NONE of them has even POSTED and MENTIONED his name... HE IS CALLED AMBROZE!!!!..

MENTION HIM!!.AMBROZE!!!!!. Have the DECENCY to mention him in your POSTS and STATEMENTS!!!!" The second part of Dela's angry post read.

He called upon police to launch investigations on the state of the vehicle, how fast it was being driven and the state of the driver as well.

Dela maintained that Ambrose's death wasn't an accident an should be investigated as murder because someone messed up and that is why the producer met his untimely death.

"Hakuna UJINGA kama ati 'it was his time to die, FUCK THAT SHIT!! AMBROZE WAS KILLED!!…..Now that I KNOW spirituality is NONSENSE and that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and that in most cases the reason is that SOMEONE FUCKED UP... The question is WHO FUCKED UP? …WHO KILLED AMBROZE?!.. Who was driving RECKLESSLY with HAZZARDS on?!?

WHO KILLED the others in the CAR that THEY hit?? …WHOOO?!?!" An angry Dela ranted on his Instagram stories unable to control the emotions enveloping him.

He finished off by asking the family not to rest and to treat this as an active crime urging them to call upon detectives to look into what caused the accident.

"That CAR is a CRIME SCENE...I can BET my left NUT that If FORENSICS are done, they will find the FAULT mainly on the DRIVER!!

I can even thrown in my other NUT to make the BET more SOLID!!.A CRIME has been COMMITTED!!... That CAR will prove it!!.. The DCI have a NEW Forensics LAB. This is a 24hr JOB for them... Whose reckless driving killed Ambrose? Familia ya Ambro isitulie!!" The last of Dela's post read.

Sending our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the Sunday accident.

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