Murugi Munyi spills the tea on how much UK trip cost her

The content creator is visiting her husband who recently relocated there

The content creator narrates her experience while in the UK
Murugi Munyi The content creator narrates her experience while in the UK
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator/ entrepreneur Murugi Munyi is vacationing in Europe and she is super excited to share her experiences with her fans and followers.

On her Instagram Stories, the mother of 3 shared a QnA sticker with her followers and asked them to let her know if they had any questions about how her overall experience had been so far.

The content creator revealed that her UK visa application process was seamless and she got it within a week without any issues.

She highlighted that there were no interviews, she just filled the papers and dropped them off.


As for her flight it was only 120k for a return ticket flying with British Airways and her visa was for 6 months.

On if she has experienced any sort of racial discrimination while in London, Murugi highlighted that her experience so far has been pleasant.

However, she added that she's noticed white people often offer backhanded compliments and even though they aren't outright racist they'll have underlying tones of it.

Murugi Munyi speaks on racism while in the UK
Image: Instagram

"I haven't experienced any covert racism where someone is outright racist to your face but there are definitely undertones that are uncomfortable.


Like the day we were in Edinburgh, we were the only black people at the lounge where we were staying and during breakfast Zach asked the head chef if he could have hot milk for his tea.

This lady looked at us, shade judgmental looks and started asking questions like, 'Have you told the receptionist your room number?' 'Are you staying here?' And her looks were like can you even afford to be here? That was so uncalled for and her energy was so off," the mother of two narrated sounding a little agitated recalling the experience.

A few days ago Murugi revealed one of the things she dislikes though about being in the UK is the lack of affordable labour as she is not used to doing house chores.

She also noted that in the apartments and all the houses she has seen there are no hanging lines as most people use washing machines and dryers.

"There is nowhere to hang clothes and it is cold outside, I haven't seen any clothes hang outside in London since I got here.

There are no hanging lines and I can't be that one African who has come here and started hanging clothes on the balcony, and there is no that warm sun. The things we take for granted in Kenya!" Murugi said as she burst into laughter.

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