Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu

WCB signee Zuchu has ignited an endless discussion after picking her boss Diamond Platnumz as the video king for her new song ‘Utaniua’.

On May 1, 2023, Zuchu unleashed the Utaniua video, informing her fans that she had not seen the final edits to the clip.

“The video that I have not even watched before it’s released. I’m too excited for this, Utaniua video drops at 11:00 today,” Zuchu informed her fans.

To the surprise of many, Zuchu had recruited her Boss to play the part of the male model/video king in the video.

The video that was directed by Director Ivan tells the story of a young lady who is being pushed by her parents to marry an old man she doesn't love.

On the sideline, the young lady (Zuchu) is in love with her fellow youth (Diamond) and while the wedding preparations are ongoing she texts him saying she is being married off.

The young man (Diamond) shows up at their home and elopes with the young lady (Zuchu) before the occasion is officiated.

To the shock of her parents and husband-to-be, they launch a manhunt for the two (Zuchu & her lover). At one point they meet with the man Zuchu was supposed to marry while dressed in outfits that conceals their identity.

They proceed to their hideout point while enjoying each other’s company. But later they are ambushed by the old man and his team.

The chemistry between the two while playing girlfriend and boyfriend in the video has reignited their dating reports.

Many who have watched the video argue that the two were just playing their roles in real life as they still believe they are lovers.

The video to the song managed to clock over 1 million views in just one day. So far it has over 1.5 million views a counting.

Taking about the whole video Diamond said;

“Zuchu is my artiste, and we work together, and my role is to make that her songs do well when you look at the video I was not hesitant to take part coz I knew it will bring something unique and make the song more attractive. It’s something many did not expect

“I was not paid to be in Zuchu’s video, but I wanted to make the video unique that's why I agreed to be in the video,”.

He added that he took part in coming up with the script of the video as well as directing.

He says that shooting in the rain was the biggest challenge in the whole video.

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