Joyce Omondi

Gospel singer Joyce Omondi has penned a message of appreciation after Kenyans showered her with praises over a powerful message she delivered to her hubby Waihiga Mwaura.

On Tuesday night, Joyce surprised her husband live on air at a time he was bidding goodbye to his employer Royal Media Services.

During the surprise, Joyce spoke highly of her husband, something that has earned her lots of praise. Many have admired her relationship with Waihiga to the point that she had to appreciate the love she received. 

“Some behind the scenes of @waihigamwaura's farewell✨

 “Also, thank you for all the kind comments regarding what I shared with him on air... I've honestly been overwhelmed by the response... 🙈☺️ All I'd really want everyone to take away from it is that marriage really works beautifully when Christ is at the center 🙏🏾✨,” Joyce told her fans and followers.

During the emotional farewell, the Rauka host confessed how she deeply admires and loves her hubby.

She mentioned that that that was the first time she was surprising Mwaura live on air as he doesn’t like surprises.

“I’m glad I finally get to surprise Waihiga on Air. He doesn’t like surprises…I admire you, as a leader, a person, and a human being. You are incredibly talented, and so hard working and I see the hours that you put in and I just honor you for it. I thank God for opening this door for you and I know that your light is gonna shine brighter and brighter.

“Listening to your team and the entire wonderful thing they had to say about whom you are and I wanna be like you when I grow up.

“I Love you, I celebrate you and I will always be just behind you, cheering you on s your number one fan,” Joyce Omondi told her hubby.


In response, an excited Waihiga also showered his wife with sweet nothings.

“My love that is the most beautiful thing any has said to me today. I have received a lot of wonderful warm messages but your top them all, above and beyond. Thank you so much. (Zile zingine nitakwambia baadaye).

“And to the team here, the last 14 years have been an amazing season for me. I have met amazing people, we have done great work and love what I do…and pray for me where I’m going,” Waihiga said.

On May 2, 2023, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) officially welcomed Waihiga Mwaura to their team.

Reactions on the Joyce Omondi message to Hubby

musa ogony  This is heart warming Joyce Omondi~you wanna be like Him when you grow up

Pollycarp Thomas Ouma Odongo  Now, those are powerful words coming from a wife. So powerful such that if they were told to a hardworking man like me, I would move the mountains. Waihiga you are a legend in your own rights.

Nancy Yiembe Mr and Mrs Waihiga I like the words from wife!She backs you up and want to be you when she grows up'Mr Waihiga indeed Joyce has made you receive favour from God!She is a noble wife!A family that prays together sticks together!

Shakila Beth Odipo Me, I wanna be humble with a loving soul like Joyce Omondi I grow up ... !!such wonderful words ,congratulations Waihiga

Ann Mwangi It's the wife's message for me Aaaaawwwh

VALLENT RACHEL ADHIAMBO Eish! Joyce,I just love what you've told your hubby, love is a beautiful thing, i wish you the best waihiga.

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