Rev Lucy Natasha shares humbling TBT of home she grew up in

The woman of God is a true grass to grace lesson

recounts the humble background she grew up in
Rev Lucy Natasha recounts the humble background she grew up in

Flashy city preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha is recounting her humble background and the life of struggle they lived growing up.

The Reverend did this in an Instagram post encouraging her over 1.1 million followers not to give up in life as she prayed for blessings in their lives.

In the post, Lucy opened up on how her mother, her, and her siblings all used to live in a dainty single-room house that had the bedroom, living room, and kitchen all in one place.


She shared 2 throwback pictures of her and her siblings in the tiny house all seated on top of a table together posing for the camera.

In another post, she shared a photo where her mom was present and they had the tiny old-school black and white TV's with buttons on top of the bed.

"My Prayer For Someone today, may God help you to be able to provide your children with more than you had growing up!

We come from humble families, old houses and small towns with sad stories. We are not hustling to impress or be in any competition with anyone we just want to change the story line and fight the battles our parents never won,"part of Natasha's post read.


She went on to tag her mom and her siblings on the post as she reminded people that their past is not a determinant of how their future is going to turn out.

"Throwback with mum @pastorwanjiru and my siblings @shiphrahmurathe @josephshafique Your History doesn't determine your Destiny.

This One room was bedroom, living room, kitchen.#Family #God Of Seasons," the last of her post read.

The post has received so much love from netizens with most claiming the prayer Lucy had earlier made for her followers as they echoed that truly there was a God of seasons.

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