Fao ShyShy furious after she was caught faking it on IG

Fao had downloaded a dinner photo from Pinterest and tried passing it off as her own

Fao ShyShy goes on an angry raant after she was caught faking her lifestyle on Instagram

Social media influencer/ aspiring actor Fao Shy Shy has gone off on a furious rant after netizens caught her faking her lifestyle on Instagram.

You really have to respect these sleuths they will uncover anything and everything.

Fao, who happens to be gospel artist Masterpiece's girlfriend, had posted several photos of her marketing a taxi service that she is currently working with. In the post, she credited the taxi for its convenience for helping her get to her solo date well as well as a few other things.

Now here is where it gets interesting after a few photos of herself, she posted a photo of a meal in a dimly lit restaurant where she went on to imply that that is where she had dined.

However, some netizen sleuths apparently knew that was a lie, either they'd seen the food photo before or it wasn't Fao's lucky day. Apparently, the pic is from Pinterest and netizens came with receipts calling Fao out for lying on the gram, a move that seemed to totally anger her.

As the story of her faking it was shared online she went on a furious rant on her Instagram stories saying she had done nothing wrong and whatever she does on her page shouldn't concern people.

The fake dinner pic that Fao had downloaded from Pintrest and passed it as her own

She also highlighted that there was nothing wrong with adding cute aesthetics to bring her page to life. Which I beg to differ. One social media rule is if you use someone else's content you have to credit them. Two she is in a bid to look lavish when she ain't, I get she was trying to market a brand but there are better ways to do so.

"Yes l've stollen so many for my content that's not the first !!!!"  Started off the triggered young lady. She went on to ask netizens to prepare for more stolen content as she didn't care.

She went on to add, "my next month postures too get ready to see more stolen content too !!!"

I don't think she gets how content creation really works and that you can land into trouble due to copyright claims.

"What's wrong with me adding a cute aesthetic picture to my content to actually bring it to live?? How does that concern you??

I will be attaching them from today. Thanks for reminding me I'm doing more sounds like a personal threat," the last of her angry rant read.

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