YY comedian reveals why he will never get a tattoo of his wife

The comedian currently has 3 tattoos and wants to get one of his daughter

reveals why he's hesitant to get a tattoo of his wife
Comedian Oliver Otieno alias YY Comedian reveals why he's hesitant to get a tattoo of his wife

Kenyan digital content creator/comedian and philanthropist Oliver Otieno popularly known as YY Comedian has revealed that he'd never get a tattoo of his spouse.

Speaking to SPM Buzz's Silva Kido the funny man highlighted that getting a tattoo of his wife wasn't in his bucket list as opposed to tattoos of his kids for various reasons.

"You being a family man now, are you tempted... like do you see yourself maybe one day getting a tattoo of your family now. like getting a tattoo of your kids and wife?" Kido went on to pose the question.

To which YY revealed that he was actually thinking of getting a tattoo of his kid on his upper arm soon.

"Actually the next tattoo I'm getting is a tattoo of my daughter, that is the next tattoo I'm getting. Whether face or name, something that symbolises her I'll get it over this part...." YY told Kido as he rolled off his t-shirt to show off his bicep and where he actually plans on getting the ink work done.

YY who has 3 tattoos on his body said he got them back in 2019 as it was a year where he was transitioning in huge ways in life. He also noted that growing up in a spiritual family he'd never envisioned he'd be one to get a tattoo but now he values all of them

On why he'd get a tattoo of his kids but not his wife he brushed it of by telling Kido "unataka kuniletea swara kwa relationship," before he burst into laughter.

He followed it up with, "no... no, no. For tried and tested reasons no... haven't you seen out there when people get tattoos of their partner next step is erasing/ covering it up.

However, it doesn't change how you feel about a person." The comedian said adding, "it is just a preference you know."

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