Pastor Ezekiel arrested

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life and Prayer Centre has sued the State for closing down his church in Mavueni and his World Evangelism TV station.

The pastor has also moved to a Mombasa High Court seeking conservatory orders against the State for further interfering with his Ministry.

Odero, who was released last Thursday after spending seven days behind bars, want the Court to stop the government from excess and unilateral decisions that affect his church and followers

He wants his church and TV Station to resume operations.

Odero's seven-member legal team led by Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta said the State is trying to use unconstitutional schemes to 'bring down the pastor'.

Omari asked the State to confirm if indeed the church has not been closed.

"From Tuesday to Sunday, there will be a special service at the church. However, there is a heavy police presence there. We want the State to tell us, whether the church is closed or not?" Posed Omari

Emmanuel Makuto, appearing for the Attorney General, Inspector General of Police, Ministry of Interior and DCI, was at pains to explain why there is a heavy police presence at the Mavueni Church.

Makuto neither confirmed nor denied if the church is opened or closed.

Mombasa High Court Judge Olga Sewe, who is handling the matter, has given a 30-minute break to allow Makuto to consult the IG.