Singer Harmonize

Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize is counting losses after his US show allegedly flopped. 

He was performing in Indianapolis, which is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Indiana

Videos doing rounds on social media capture a handful of people at the said show – jamming to his music.

Despite the low turnout, Harmonize did not shy away from performing as he could be heard entertaining his fans with energy.

The clips from the said show have attracted mixed reactions from his fans and critics.

A section encouraged him not to give up on his ongoing US tour while others challenged him to market his Diaspora shows properly.

In November last year, Diamond's signee Zuchu encountered a similar ordeal after fans failed to turn up at her show in the US.

In a message on social media, Zuchu admitted that she cried over the show, saying that it was a lesson to do better in the future.

"As an artist, nobody ever prepares you for moments like this. My show in Houston Didn't Go as planned," she said.

"Ila Namshukuru kila Aliejitokeza Kwa ajili yangu (I thank everyone that came out to see me) I love y'all . As I'm crying and sobbing right now ila Hii leo Imenipa Hasira ya kufanya zaidi." (Today has given me the strength to do more).

She went on to say;

"Kina Simba wanawezajae Yarrabi well in their stories kuna A lot of failures Ndo pengine zinawafikish Walipo. I ACCEPT FAILING AS A PART OF MY SUCCESS."

Harmonize is among East African stars who are currently on tour in the US. 

Kenyan Boy band Sauti Sol and Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo are among the stars that headlined the Madaraka Festival and it was a huge success.

The band has been doing a series of shows in the US in a bit to promote their music on an international scale and interact with their fans. 

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