David Osiany and Wife Syombua Osiany

Media personality Syombua Osiany has clapped back at a fan who told her “Your man is disrespecting you in public” amidst a cheating scandal labeled against her husband David Osiany.

For the better part of this week, The Osianys have been a topic of discussion online after blogger Maverick Aoko alleged that she used to date the former CAS.

The allegations have ignited an endless discussion with Aoko launching attacks on Osiany now and then.

However, amid the chaos, unbothered Syombua went ahead to celebrate their 8th marriage anniversary- showering her hubby with praises.

“MAY THE 5TH! 05.05.2015…. Exactly 8 years today at 11.40 am LIVE on air as we did #ChapaKazi on Kenya’s number ONE radio station, he popped the question, I said I do! 

I STILL DO! Hii mali ni yangu; given by God, carried by His grace ⁦ @DavidOsiany,” wrote

Osiany replied; To brighter, better, lovelier, sunnier, wealthier, and healthier tomorrows my wife and queen. Cheers to now and always. If I could turn back the hands of time, I'd still have this ride with you Jaoda.#ForwardAndUpwards".

Syombua explained that controversy was not going to stop her from celebrating her marriage

David Osiany and Syombua

“Ruth, today is our Engagement Anniversary and we have been doing this for the last seven years. What makes me stop? 

“Go through ALL my socials and confirm this please,” Syombua told a user called Ruth.

A fan joined the conversation, urging Syombua to stop posting her man with claims that he was embarrassing her.

"Your man is disrespecting you in public haki women and still protecting him publicly aaaai! Taliban woman madam understanding," the fans stated.

In a quick rejoinder, the former radio host fired back: "Please feel free to unfollow this Taliban woman and keep your unforgiving heart to yourself. You can’t dictate how I do my life."

David Osiany has promised to take legal action against Maverick Aoko.

“Your two minutes of fame is up! Time to make you pay for this silliness in the name of clout-chasing. And I’m bluffing,”