Brenda Majune
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President William Ruto’s ally and advocate of the High Court Brenda Kraido Majune is appealing to the Head of State to allow business people to own guns.

In a statement released via her socials, Mujane argued that there is a need for business people to protect themselves from what she termed as 'Raila goons" who always masquerade as protestors during Azimio demos.

"President William Ruto this is my plea to you. Let us go the American way. Give people guns. Let the government license business people to own guns,"

So that people can stand their ground and deal with trespassers who come and bully and harass business people ... we saw a businessman in Kisumu who was there carrying helpless,” she said.

She pointed out that during past attacks, some police officers could not intervene in situations where goons raided property because they were overwhelmed, and allowing civilians to own guns could be a solution to protect themselves.

However, gun ownership in Kenya is heavily regulated and strictly controlled by the government.

The Firearms Act, Cap. 114 of the Laws of Kenya, is the primary law governing the possession, use, and transfer of firearms in the country.

In Kenya, gun ownership is not considered a right but rather a privilege granted to individuals who can demonstrate a legitimate need for a firearm, such as licensed hunters, security personnel, or individuals who require firearms for self-defense.

At the same time, Majune who joined UDA after defecting from KANU, questioned the genuinity Azimio protests led by Raila Odinga.

She called upon CS Kithure Kindiki to arrest ODM Party leader Raila Odinga and his supporters over the destruction of property during Azimio demos.

“…I call upon my Good friend CS Kithure Kindiki, IG of Police and DPP to arrest Raila Odinga and his goons and be charged in Court,” she said.

Majune who was the founder and chair of Daughters of Gideon Moi joined UDA in March as she is looking forward to establishing a similar outfit (Daughters of William Ruto) together with Ruto's daughter Charlene Ruto.

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