Harmonize and Phiona aka Yolo the Queen
Image: courtesy

Singer Harmonize took to Instagram live shower his new girlfriend Phiona with love.

The Konde Music CEO said he and the Rwandese woman had been friends for over three years.

"Friendship for over three, four years. You are the only girl I love, you know what, I always wanted to tell you that," he said

Adding "I want to tell you this on my Instagram live, I love you so so much. I've been looking for a better word to tell you but I end up saying I love you."

After several weeks of being single, the singer says his feet has been swept off by Phiona aka Yolo The Queen, who is a popular socialite in Rwanda and Burundi.

Harmonize vowed to express his love for Phiona through getting a tattoo of her name. 

The singer recently replaced a face tattoo of his ex girlfriend, Fridah Kajala with Mt.Kilimanjaro. The two had a messy public split after Kajala took to social media to say their relationship was a shame and that she should be blamed for not listening to her fans.

In a recent interview, she gave reasons of her break up with the singer.

"Ni mazoea mtu akishakuzoea Sana, anakuchukulia poa. Simlaumu yeye ni kijana mdogo, pengine alihitaji 'space',” 

Harmonize also shared a video claiming that his ex cheated on him.

"I found messages on her phone, a man was texting her and when I asked her about it she started going crazy and it's like she wanted to fight me. I said no, I don't want to fight you because I don't fight women.

I just looked at her and I was like 'Take your phone,'"