Actress Frida Kajala

Fridah Kajala, ex-girlfriend to singer Harmonize seems to be throwing shade at the singer after he introduced his new lover.

Konde Boy is now dating Rwandese socialite Phiona aka Yolo The Queen.

In her message, Kajala said that exes should be able to respect the people they had been with before they moved on.

"Kwenye haya maisha ukikosa vyote at least kuwa na respect kwa mtu aliyewahi kukufundisha kuoga kuoga na to clean your balls."

(In life, if you lack most things, don't lack respect for the person who once taught you how to shower and clean your balls).

She ahead to put up another message that says;

β€œYou will never be at this age again, do what makes you happy,”:

β€œGod removes people from your life because he heard conversations that you didn’t hear,”

In a recent interview, while visiting Kenya, Kajala said that one of the reasons that led to their break up is because Harmonize is still a young man who needed space.

While promoting his 'Single Again' song, Harmonize said it was inspired by his break up from Kajala.

"I’m not shame at all to say that My X Inspired me to make this Global Hit Song πŸ™Œ Yess I can Even swear to God !!!!! I was in Love πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was Looking A good way to heal After PAINFUL πŸ˜– I ended up to making this GLOBAL HIT SONG GOD IS GOOD IM DOING OK & I’m Like MIMI HUYU HUYU πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Yess it’s Life !!!!!" He wrote

Adding "The one thing about me is I sing About My Life anything I’m going through i normally share with You Coz I believe my Life story can Change the world 🌎 πŸ™ so if we had Moment Together Expect to see wetever You have treated me πŸ™ So Yess Make Sure You treat me good either you treat me bad I’ll be proud of You Still ❀️."

The singer also released an acoustic version of the song in which he's added new lyrics.

"Such a shame, she was there for the money and fame. I thought she was a real one and flaunted her everywhere," he sings as translated from Kiswahili

Adding "My friends called her their in-law. She was playing a game, Men, it felt like I was falling in love for the first time. I had never seen love like that before. "

Harmonize said he's known his new boo for over three years adding that he will be getting a tattoo of her name to show his love for her.

Phiona is a Rwandese socialite who has kept the internet talking for years over her curvaceous shape.