Njugush recounts how Abel Mutua's wife made him wealthy

The comedian gave Judy her flowers for helping restructure his content creation and mainstream him

Comedian Njugush highlights how Abel Mutua's wife Judy made him rich

Digital content creator, actor, and comedian Timothy Kimani popularly known by his stage name Njugush is giving Abel Mutua's wife Judy Nyawira her flowers for helping him make money.

Speaking during an interview with Iko Nini Podcast, Njugush revealed that Judy managing him and his wife Celestine Ndinda (Wakavinye) is one of the best things that have ever happened to them.

Curious about how Judy ended up landing the job the host asked Njugush to elaborate on that.

"If I'm not wrong wife wa Abel ndio manager wako, ilikuwa aje kuwa hivyo? That is an interesting dynamic." The podcast host asked.

To which Njugush replied;

"So back in 2017/2018 we had a lot of jobs coming in, things were good for us but we couldn't manage. 

Cele ndio alikuwa manager and still organizing things na kijana ndio alikuwa amaekuja, we just couldn't manage. Jobs zingine hadi zilikuwa zinatupita," started off the former Real Housewives of Nairobi actor.

Njugush credits Abel Mutua's wife for his success
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The creative who is currently in Swindon UK for their first-ever international show went on to add that it was all fate. The universe conspired to make it all work for them.

"So we had to look for someone but not just someone... we had to find a person who could take us to the next level because tulikuwa tunafanya vitu tu kienyeji, hadi tulikuwa tunashoot na simu

We told Judy about our predicament since she was our friend and we used to confide in one another. We'd asked her to help us find a manager.

I couldn't approach her akuje we do digital since she's a big deal, I mean she had produced Nairobi Half Life but luckily for us as fate would have it she was looking for a change in career," Njugush revealed.

He went on to add that Judy thought about their situation for a day and came up with the idea of managing the couple.

"She came and told me she'd found a manager and we were to meet her at Garden City, we head there and to our surprise, Judy had offered herself to be our manager," the father of 2 said still recalling how shocked they were. 

Abel Mutua with his wife Judy Nyawira
Abel Mutua with his wife Judy Nyawira

We were unsure at first because we knew we couldn't afford her but she was so chilled and said she didn't care how much we paid her at first she wanted to grow us," an elated Njugush said as he went on to reminiscence over how they tried guessing how much they could pay her as they didn't know her price range.

The father of 2 went on to reveal that after Judy started managing them that's when they opened a company, got a rate card, restructured their content creation and mainstreamed it.

"All that was Judy, she took us to the next level," Njugush highlighted as he gave the producer her flowers.

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