Sadia and Eddie Butita

Comedian Eddie Butita has come out to set the record straight on the nature of his relationship with Tiktoker Sadia.

 They have been spotted together in a number of occasions.

The two had sparked dating rumours and it recently seemed like there was trouble in paradise.

Sadia posted videos on her Instagram story of her seemingly being cozy with a new man.

The man Sadia was seen with is a black american musician by the name Moeazy.

Sadia posted videos of them hanging out at clubs and she has even hinted that he is producing a song in her honour.

Fans took to express their sympathy for Butita over being dumped by Sadia.

One stated "waaah at baada ya kupandishwa helicopter"

Another "as i said kenya mapenzi ni kama syllabus lazima ifuatwe."

Butita speaking to presenter Ankali ray clarified on the status of their relationship.

We have never dated and are just friends ,business partners who are working together and are creating content together.

Butita went on further to say that the two have never openly admitted to being an item.

"People saw us together and they automatically assumed we are dating no one asked."

Butita said he is still single and searching and Sadia has a right to post her new man.

When asked about him and his ex ever getting back together, he said that would not be possible.

The comedian further stated that when he gets a partner he will notify the public but as of now he is still single.

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