On Tuesday, Mugithi singer Samidoh's wife, Ms Edday Nderitu posted a photo of herself with a US Air Force officer.

 Edday, who is enjoying a holiday with her children in the US, shared the photo while sending regards to her fans.

"Good night from this side of the world #NothingButPrayers," she captioned the photo he posted on Facebook.

In the photo, the mother of three children looked very happy standing next to the tall white soldier.

Hundreds of Facebook users flocked to the post with varying reactions to the photo she shared.

Many of the netizens who commented seemed to associate Edday romantically with the soldier while some even tagged her husband Samidoh and warned him about the latest development.

Read some comments by netizens below:-

Nelly Precious: It has went this. I don't know why but am happy for this woman.

Lemiso Sato Emmanuel: The taste is permanent, Uniform.

Maggie Shii Ndehera Thayu: Hii imeenda

Sarah Daniels: It has went, btw change is always good. Congratulations. Samidoh amka kimeibiwo.

Kimberly Shelmith: Usitoke huko kama hujapata love of your life.

Some netizens even advised the mother of three to ditch Samidoh and elope with the American Air Force soldier.

 Others noted that Edday has a taste for men in uniform since apart from music, Samidoh is also a police officer.

Last year, the Mugithi singer who is an Administrative Police officer said he has not found a reason to leave the service despite his success in the music industry. He often shares photos and videos of himself performing in different parts of the world but not providing the services of a police officer.

"I work on weekdays and when needed and on weekends I do my music, like any other talent in the police service," he said in an interview with Word Is.

The artist said he worked hard to get the job.

 "Have you ever gone to a police recruitment exercise and seen shirtless people being taken through various activities?" he said.

He added "Leaving the job you sought under those circumstances is very painful."