Legendary Nigerian singers P-Square reunited back in November 2021 after 5 years. The duo had parted ways over family feud allegations. 

In an interview with Larry Madowo, the twin brothers were tasked to explain why they broke up in 2017. 

However, Madowo was not met with a straight answer as the stars tried to be smart about the whole scenario. 

Peter Okoye aka Mr.P responded

"When we say what happened people will take the story and start saying things that will remove all the positive things we have said, so we won't say what happened"

The twin brothers said that they didn't decide to get back together but God decided it.

They both spoke of the things they have done while being apart and that this window of them being apart was necessary.

Peter stated that this time apart has made him to be so industrious and pursue other ventures.

Paul Okoye stated that

"Now that we are back we know when where we are going to put our money unlike back then it was just chains and watches."

Since they got back together they have been on a reunion tour in different cities and countries and concluded their phase one of the tour in London.

They hinted at the prospect of having a new album titled 'Legendary' but they haven't spoken on the release date.

They however promised their fans something great.

"We never disappoint when it comes to an album, P-square never disappoints" Peter stated.

The duo has been missing in action as a team for over 6 years.

The P-Square duo was among the first artists who gave Afro-beats worldly recognition with hit songs like 'No one like you", 'Ifunanya' and many more.

Their reunion tour has already proved to be successful with them combining their different skill set and now giving fans amazing performances.

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