Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko has left netizens in shock and a little confused over his latest controversial video.

If you thought the midnight TikTok live where he was chewing khat was absurd then you are in for a bigger surprise.

The politician went on another life yesterday evening and controversial is a very polite way of describing the shenanigans in the video.

Sonko went live on TikTok at 3 am and it was chaos. He started by talking about why he doesn't have a side piece bragging that he enjoyed life in his earlier years and is now settled.

"Unajua mimi nilianza hii mastory ya madame kitambo sana, siku hizi sina speed na madame (you know I started going after girls from such a young age that is why these days I don't fancy girls that much.)" Started off the former Nairobi County governor before adding;

"These when I see girls I don't even get excited, I just admire from afar. Nimekula life na bibi yangu sana...miaka mingi so sina speed na wasichana"

Mike Sonko and his wife
Image: courtesy

He went on to add that he got his firstborn while he was still in school because he got carried away with enjoying life but he harbours no regrets.

"I got my firstborn while I was still in school... I even think I'm the youngest grandfather in Kenya.

My second born has 2 daughters my 1st born has 2 daughters at my age na sijafika ata 50 yet I have over 5 grandchildren." Sonko candidly told the guys who had joined his live feed.

The 48-year-old followed that by bragging about how he's always had money even back in the day so everything came easy for him.

"Mimi nilianza hii maisha ya madame zamani sana kwa sababu nilikuwa na pesa nikiwa shule so ni kama nilizaa mapema

Nimekaa na bibi yangu for long sahii yeye ni kama sister yangu. You know I have been with my wife for 26 years!" Sonko revealed.

The girls in the conference call went on to burst into laughter amused by the "my sister" comment as they seemed unsure of what exactly to say after that.

An unidentified man in the call went on to ask Sonko if he'd be open to getting another wife or simply a girlfriend since he now claims he and his wife are practically like siblings after years of living together.

"Si unachukua tu mwingine... ata kama ni wa kupiga tu story," suggested the guy.

To which the politician replied by saying that he'd rather focus on his philanthropic ways, helping Kenyans who were struggling and needed an extra hand than find another woman.

"Maisha imekuwa ngumu wacha nishugulike na kusaidia watu..." said Sonko as the video comes to an end.

I wonder what Mrs. Primrose Mbuvi thinks of all this... she's probably used to her husband and his shenanigans by now though.

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