Bensoul in Kiss FM studios
Image: KISS FM

Kenyan superstar Bensoul has revealed that he took a DNA paternity test following the birth of his daughter Trinity.

Bensoul welcomed the daughter with Tiffany Muikamba. Although they are not dating, Bensoul said they are co-parenting well. 

Speaking at Mic Cheque Podcast, the 'Navutishwa' singer was explaining how his daughter handled the needle.

"She is clever and assertive, When we went to get the DNA, she just flinched, she didn't cry. Yes, I did a DNA"

Adding "We are in a good space, I am here for the child. She is so beautiful. Whatever she wants, she gets. I get to see her,".

In a recent Instagram question and answer session with her fans, Tiffany revealed that she is dating.

"I don't mind dating again. As I said, I'm already doing that and so far I'm in a healthy and caring space with the person I'm currently trying it out with and I love everything."

Asked about co-parenting, Tiffany said; 

"At the end of the day, people expected drama and all types of stupidity. I'm glad to say that it won't be happening soon trust me."

Adding "Co-parenting has been nice. No drama, no unreasonable demands and we always prioritize our baby over everything. I pray to God that it continues being successful."

She shut down claims that she is dating the singer "No, I don't know why people keep assuming that." 

On plans of getting baby number two, she said only on God's timing.

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