Vera Sidika's cryptic post on why she left Brown Mauzo

Vera has revealed why she broke up with Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo Vera has revealed why she broke up with Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

Entrepreneur/reality TV star Vera Sidika has pointed out that infidelity might be the reason that led to her split with Brown Mauzo.

Rumours of their split first started making rounds a few weeks ago when Mauzo not only unfollowed the mother of his child but also removed all pictures of Vera from his Instagram account.

His page has only 11 posts and they feature just him and his daughters.

As for his follow list, currently he is only following his daughters, Lareesa and Asia Brown pages even though he has over 397K followers.

The mother of 2 shared a cryptic video on her Instagram stories that highlighted a couple of reasons why a lady might choose to end a relationship with their partner.

In the video the guy talking pointed out that continuous disrespect would push even the most loyal woman to a breaking point and no matter how much they adore and love you, they will eventually leave.


“No woman is going to leave because you made a mistake. She left because you made it a habit," started off the guy.

Vera Sidika, with her first born Asia Brown and her baby daddy Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

He goes on to add that women are more intent on fixing things than working away and at first she will try to do that because she strongly hopes you'll change.

"The truth is, she would rather have fixed things with you than start over with someone new. And she stuck around because she was hoping that you would step up and be the man she deserves.” The guy points out.

At the end of the video he finishes off by noting, "but you thought she would never leave you and you got comfortable with disrespecting her and look... now she is gone. Even the most loyal woman who fights to make it work will eventually get tired.


The cryptic post has left many confused as they speculate Mauzo might have stepped out of his union with Vera as it comes at a time when the upcoming artist removed the title “wife” from her social media bio, only leaving behind her reality TV star title.

She has also finally unfollowed her husband, and deleted some of their shared photos.

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