Maina Ngenga

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga on Friday said contingents of police had raided his Nairobi and Nyandarua homes over unclear reasons.

Njenga said the teams, which arrived simultaneously at 4 am at his Lavington, Karen and Nyandarua homes, told workers they were looking for him.

He said on the phone the officers knocked on the homes and were let in before they picked up a number of workers who were at his Lavington home.

“They said they were looking for me. I do not know why but I see it as politics and harassment, which should stop,” he said.

He linked the raids to the planned funeral service of Dedan Kimathi’s wife, Field Marshal Mukami Kimathi on Saturday, May 13, 2023, in Njabini, Kinangop.

He said he was safe somewhere.

There was no immediate response from police headquarters over the claims.

Njenga said the move is part of efforts to stop him from attending the funeral.

“I was at the home of Kimathi on Thursday and told the family we will come with baba (Raila) and I think this is the reason they are doing this. It is a funeral and let it be,” he added.

He said he was in hiding and asked the harassment to stop and for his workers to be released.

“What have they done? What have I done? They can send summons to me if they want me but not raid homes and harass innocent people.”

He said the era of using police to harass those with opposite political views ended and urged President William Ruto to rein on those behind the development.

Ruto is among those expected at the state funeral for Mukami who died on May 4 after an illness. She was 96.

Njenga is not new to such police harassment because of his former tag to the Mungiki.

He says he stopped being a leader of the group. He has been arrested and charged several times as part of efforts to link him to the group.

There will be a public viewing of Mukami's body on Saturday morning ahead of the public funeral ceremony, observing the strict rules of protocol, held to honour people of national significance.

Mukami will be the ninth Kenyan that will be accorded a state funeral.

The Government will fully fund and ensure a decent burial for Mukami.

The government has already set up a national funeral committee to plan Mukami's burial, which is chaired by the Principal Secretary for Internal Security and National Administration Dr Raymond Omollo.

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya leader Raila Odinga said she should be honoured as a freedom heroine with a State funeral.

According to Odinga, the funeral service in honour of Mama Mukami should be held at Uhuru Gardens, in Nairobi.

“I would wish the State funeral service in honour of the late Mukami be held at Uhuru Gardens where Mau Mau freedom fighters were being tortured," he said.

Odinga also confirmed that he will attend the funeral service.

Mau Mau veteran Githu Kahengeri also said Mukami should be honoured as a freedom heroine.

“She fought for the freedom of our country. We pray that the remains of her husband be brought so that both can be buried on the same day in Njabini in Kinangop,” Kahengeri said.

Kimathi, born Kimathi wa Waciuri, was a senior military and spiritual leader of the Mau Mau uprising who led the armed struggle against the British colonial regime in Kenya in the 1950’s until 1956 when he was captured and executed a year later. He is believed to have been born in 1920.