MC Fullstop

Renowned Reggae MC John Maina aka MC Fullstop has refuted fake reports doing rounds on social media alleging that he has passed on.

A frustrated MC Fullstop, put up a post exposing the young man spreading fake news about his death.

The Reggae MC appealed to Kenyans to help him get the man responsible for spreading the fake news.

"Kenyans just killed me! Hivyo tu! This fake news has affected me, my family, and my friends. Where can I report the first account sio ya Citizen ni parody?

The guy has done a lot of damage in my life especially what I am going through right now!" MC Fullstop lamented. 

MC Fullstop tagged the DCI and Kenya police seeking assistance over the matter after multiple attempts to get the fake account to pull down the information.

"He has just blocked me! But we can still get him, sio first time amefanya hivi but saa hii ame affect my whole family, they are in shock, panic the old ones ndio wako affected sana sana @[email protected][email protected] NEED HELP!"

"Ame affect life yangu, my medical condition my family and friends, mtu kama huyo anafaa kushikwa na awekwe ndani"

MC Fullstop Illness and Battling TB 

In March,  MC Fullstop disclosed that his left lung had totally collapsed and was operating with one.

Fullstop disclosed that he was diagnosed with TB in 2021 - an illness that damaged his left lung.

In 2022 he was again diagnosed with TB affecting his throat.

Due to the illness, MC Fullstop said that he was experiencing difficulties in talking, running, and even walking.

“Hii imeenda” literally. My left lung has totally collapsed nimebaki na moja. In 2021 I was diagnosed with TB ya lungs

 ikasosi lungs kabisa. 2022 nikapata TB ya throat nayo ikanimaliza sauti, Running, walking, kuongea ni shida," shared MC Fullstop.

The celebrated MC went on to thank everyone who supported him throughout his battle with TB.

He also hinted that he will be retiring from his career as an MC.

"Alafu lungs zina lungs ufala unlike Liver, haiwezi ji heal itabidi nijipange hapa naona Niki hang boots. I just wanna say thanks kwa wale wamekuwa wakini support in this difficult moment's God awa bless tu sana," Fullstop divulged.

The reggae MC has been in and out of the hospital for some time now. A section of his fans took to social media to wish him a quick recovery.