Joeboy reveals vulgar language that led to cancelled Caribbean show

The singer traveled for more than 40 hours to the venue to perform

Image: Instagram

Nigerian artist Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, popularly known as Joeboy has taken to his social media to offer an apology to his fans after his show was cancelled seconds before it began.

The Nigerian over the weekend was slotted to perform in the Caribbean island nation of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival at Pigeon Island National Landmark.

"Saint Lucia, I travelled over 40 hours to be with you guys and I was super excited to be performing here for the first time in St Lucia.


However, I couldn't perform today due to issues from the organizers. I tried all my best to give you the best performance today but my set was cut off and my DJ taken off the stage,"  started off the "Baby" hitmaker.

JoeBoy went on to reveal how he got his set cancelled over a mishap with his DJ who had not been briefed about the rules of the area.

"My DJ was taken off because he said, "Make some f*king noise". We were not given any memo that we couldn't use any curse words on stage.


My DJ immediately apologized to the crowd but his Mic was cut off. I was still willing to perform but I was told I couldn't and one of the promoters threatened to call security on us and also get us arrested. It was later decided that I couldn't perform," lamented the 25-year-old Nigerian artist.

He went on to promise his fans in the area that he would most definitely be coming back and would give them an incredible performance given the chance.

"To my fans in St Lucia, I will certainly come back for you. Pondeck," he wrote accompanying the post with a love heart emoji.

Further talking about the issue, the Nigerian performer tried absolving himself from any wrongdoing as he went on to highlight that.

"One thing everyone knows about me is that I am not a difficult person. I am passionate about my work and what I do and I don't take it for granted."

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