Size 8 and DJ Mo

Gospel singer turned Pastor Linet Munyali aka Size 8 has caused a hullabaloo online after going swimming while fully dressed in a white gown.

In a video shared by her hubby DJ Mo, the Mateke hitmaker argues that she doesn’t want to dress inappropriately while going to the swimming pool.

In the video, DJ is heard requesting his wife to do an outfit change so that she can put on a swimming costume.

"Change we go swimming, in the pool,” DJ Mo is heard telling his wife.

However, in a quick rejoinder, she turns down the request stating that she is a pastor and was going to swim there way she is (fully dressed).

“I will swim this way, you know I’m a pastor and because of that, I can’t change into a swimming costume.

‘I’m decent enough to swim like this,” Size 8 said as she enters the Swimming pool.

She further adds; “You know we are not supposed to show our bodies so that’s why we are supposed to be dressed like this when going to swim.

A disappointed DJ Mo goes on to lament about his wife’s behavior wondering what being a pastor can do to an individual.

“It good to support your wife but this is too much now, even if it's being a pastor?,” DJ Mo.

In February 2018, Size 8 was again in the headlines after stepping out with a mini-dress at the beach.

Some people were quick to point out that as a Christian her thighs shouldn’t be exposed like that while others said that was the right attire for the beach.

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