Prices of sugar have doubled since the beginning of the month.

A two-kilo packet of sugar that was in the first week selling at an average of Sh200 is now retailing at Sh420.

Most customers now prefer to buy a kilo of sugar rather than the common 2kg packet due to the high cost.

A spot check done by the Star on May 16, showed that the cheapest brand of sugar in the local supermarket is selling at Sh189 per one-kilo packet.

In one of the supermarkets, a kilo of branded sugar is selling at Sh189, while another different brand is selling at Sh350 per 2kg packet but a customer is limited to buying a maximum of two packets.

At another local supermarket, its branded sugar is retailing at Sh365 per two-kilo, Kabras is selling at Sh420 for a two-kilo packet while a one-kilo packet of Mumias sugar is selling at Sh185.