Nyatiti player Makadem

Popular Kenyan star and Nyatiti player Makadem is gearing up to stage a fire show at the Alliance Française come May 19th, 2023.

The talented star has teamed up with Alliance Française Nairobi and Ketebul Music for the upcoming show.

Makadem AKA His Nyatitiness is a powerful vocalist, an energetic Nyatiti Jazz live band performer, an artiste, and Musician.


He is basically an Afrofusion artiste whose style is distinctive Kenyan contemporary Nyatiti music intertwined with other African, international rhythms and beats.

The Nyatiti Music instrument is an 8-stringed Lyre of the Luo People, plucked with both hands from different sides producing a rhythmic trance sound (an ostinato ) accompanied by vocals from the Nyatiti player and performer.

Makadem will hold this event on Friday 19th May 2023 in alliance Française de Nairobi from 7 pm to 10 pm East African Time.


The Nyatiti Jazz Experience a creation of Makadem is basically the Nyatiti as the main rhythm backed by percussions (small African drums), The drum set, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, alto Saxophone and Background Vocals (BGV).

This concert is one of a kind, uniquely Makadem style for he has been working on this idea of the Nyatiti Jazz for a while now and it’s time to present this new experience to the world.

Nyatiti music is Kenyan therefore any big Nyatiti event in Kenya is the biggest worldwide. This is it.

Expect to find Makadems' target group which is basically art lovers, college and university students, and of course mature and working-class African music lovers.

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