Dennis Ombachi

Former rugby player Dennis Ombachi has said at some point in his life, he almost committed suicide. 

Ombachi was speaking on Friday during an interview with Spice FM about his battle with depression.  

He said he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after he attempted suicide in 2018. 

"I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after I attempted suicide. I had an attempt on my life but my friends got me in time. I remember it was Hike Otieno. He called another friend of mine, Kevin Okeyo and G-Money," Ombachi said. 

He said his friends took him to a psychiatrist after which he was admitted for two weeks. 

It was then, after he was tested, that he was diagnosed with bipolar. 

He was put on medication while also undergoing therapy. 

"I was a bit hesitant. The whole of the first year I was not consistent with my medication. I kept slipping back to depression back and forth," Ombachi said. 

By this time, Ombachi's girlfriend was expecting their firstborn son.

Ombachi was working on the balcony with some tiles and he was a bit frustrated.

He says he was not in the right state of mind when he ended up attempting suicide again. 

"I just took a tile, broke it and used it to slit my wrist. There was blood all over the house. My girlfriend was expectant, almost going into labor, yet she was the one supposed to drive me to the hospital," he remembered. 

He got 39 stitches on his wrist. 

"In all my stories, that is the part that I still find hard to forgive myself for what I put my girlfriend through. That was a selfish act," he said. 

Ombachi said after the suicide attempt, he decided to get his act together. 

He then became consistent with his medicine and therapy. 

The former rugby player acknowledged that therapy was really good for him.

"Medicine will help you, I will say 25-50 per cent but 75 per cent is therapy. You have to understand all your traumas," he said. 

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