Njugush and his wife WAKAVINYE

Kenyan comedian Njugush has for the first time revealed where his wife Celestine Ndinda got the nickname Wakavinye.

According to Njugush, his wife used to own a Vitz, back in the day.

Speaking during an interview with Mwende Macharia he shared;

"Cele used to own a Vitz so I would call it Kavinye, That is how I ended up calling her Wakavinye (The owner who owns a kavinye {Vitz} )"

Njugush also credited his wife for his success adding he won't stop working with his wife despite some people advising him to.

He says he frequently gets unsolicited advice to work with others instead.

Admitting this on his wife's YouTube channel Friday, May 12, Njugush told off haters adding he will never fire his wife.

"She has my best interests at heart" he insisted.

He said she laid the foundation that has set them on the path to success.

The father of two was responding to a question from Celestine to him and Abel about how it is working with their respective wives.

"When I started working Cele was handling my ATM. From that understanding, moving forward you are coming from a point of nyinyi ni mabeste.

The only person and I keep saying it mtapanda, mtateremka, but I will never stop working with Cele.

Because she is the only person who trusted me when no one, hata hawa wanapiga makelele they were nowhere to be seen and now all of a sudden ...don't work with your wife!!" her exclaimed

"As who??/She is the first person who believed in me, even my fellow artistes naambia msee come tuchape clip, saa hii they want to ask how do we do like you?" he added

Pointing at Cele, Njugush made it clear that his wife is his reason for success.

"She trusted me, throughout, what we are doing is not something we were taught in school kama daktari.

You have to have that experience, and she has been with me since that time.

She is also the mother of my children. She makes me better as Njugush kuna job naweza pata, but as Wakavinye akiingia kwa mix kuna job ingine inaweza come wenye mnasema niwache kuwork na bibi yangu hawawezi kunipea.

So if it makes me better, I will keep it close to me. Anyone who says otherwise ni mtu ako na shida, na zina onekana"