Betty Kyallo
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Media personality Betty Kyallo has narrated her struggles with weight loss.

In an interview with Kiss FM’s Kalondu Musyimi, Betty disclosed that she lost 6 kgs but gained the weight back after she stopped going to the Gym.

The former news anchor acknowledged that she has a sweet tooth, something that has been a big setback in her weight loss journey.


Asked if she will be going back to the Gym soon, the media personality said that the plan has been shelved until January when nothing changes.

“I lost 6kgs and then after my birthday things went south. Do you know when you go to the gym then you stop, that’s it? You can never go back or it’s hard to go back. But at least I lost 6kgs… I eat cake every day," Betty said. 

Betty further stated that she always knows that it’s time to work on her weight when she starts experiencing difficulty when climbing staircases. 


“I'm not going back until January (New Year resolution) she said while laughing before adding, things might change and I might just decide to go to the gym,”.

It’s good to take care of yourself and eat healthy,” she advised.

Betty was speaking during the private screen of Kyallo Kulture season two, which is now airing on Showmax.

Asked about why they opted to give their fans and viewers season two of the reality series Betty said;

“When I was called I was like this is more money, a bigger budget. For people to love your content… Eugene called me and he was like season two is here and Cheaque is better so convince your sisters,”

Season two is definitely gonna be the best as it's more candid. We have spoken about this we never thought we will touch.

Kyallo Kulture season two follows the Kyallo sisters on their journeys, separately as well as together, as they relearn each other and attempt to answer the question:

This new season builds on the success of Kyallo Kulture S1, which was a hit with Kenyan viewers, becoming one of the top 10 most-watched shows on Showmax in Kenya in 2022.

The first season was also nominated for Best TV Show at the 2022 Kalasha Awards.

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