Victor Maish

In a heartfelt and exclusive interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Victor Maish, a prominent stylist and brand ambassador for Grande France champagne, bared his soul and shared his personal experiences with identity and family acceptance.

Maish boldly revealed that he identifies with both he and she pronouns. Raised in the humble surroundings of Githurai and hailing from a religious background as the son of a pastor mom, Maish navigated the challenges of being a gay man in the slums.

Remarkably, he expressed gratitude for never facing harassment due to his sexual orientation, a testament to the tolerance of those he encounters.

Maish candidly shared the complexity of his relationship with his mother, who is also a pastor. Initially, his revelation about his sexual orientation caused a rift that led to a two-year separation from his parents.

They resorted to prayers, believing that demons had influenced his identity. However, over time, a rational dialogue began, where they sought to understand and support him.

''Like explain to us what is this about, so how do you go about it, how do you plan to move ahead how are you protecting yourself?'' Maish said.

The conversations brought about a stronger bond, with his mother becoming his best friend, despite the ongoing concerns from the church congregation and their community.

''It’s not been easy for her, she is a pastor and the congregation needs answers, people at home and even friends want answers to what is going on?'' Maish told Kaloundu.

Facing the expectations of eventually taking over the church, Maish shattered his mother's hopes but emphasized that spirituality is a personal connection with God, and judgment rests solely with the divine.

Maish added that he always goes back to his mother’s church but he can’t post it or talk about it but he also has his own church that he goes to.

Reflecting on his childhood, Maish shared early signs of his unique identity, such as an interest in handbags and trying on his mother's clothes.

He gravitated towards activities considered "girly" and struggled to conform to societal expectations.

However, these experiences have shaped him into the vibrant and confident individual he is today.