Kisii grandma who is a boda boda rider

The story of a 62-year-old grandma from Kisii county who, despite her old age, is engaged in the business of driving a bodaboda, a job that has long been known as a job for young men, is very encouraging.

Ann Nyaboke speaking to the Nation said that at her age, she is not ashamed to put herself in such a challenging job as long as she gets her daily bread.

Born in Miruka in Nyamira County, Ms. Nyaboke is illiterate and is the oldest woman in the boda boda business that she has been running for the past three years in Kisii County, Bonchari constituency.

On May 14, during Mother's Day celebrations at Nyanturago Stadium, Ms. Nyaboke was celebrated by Kisii Governor Simba Arati's wife, Mary Arati.

She even had the opportunity to ride with the governor's wife on her motorcycle, much to the surprise of hundreds of people who attended the event, the Nation reported.

Ms. Nyaboke said she was surprised by the recognition she received from the county government and she is still grateful.

"The experience was amazing because I never knew that a lowly citizen like me could be called to mix with high and powerful people in society. It was God's work and I thank them for the recognition," he said.

Ms. Nyaboke told the Nation that despite the thousands of challenges she faces every day, she is still strong in her work.

Firstly, she has to endure the negative stereotypes that come from being a woman and, secondly, the ridicule that comes from her age.

According to the magazine, Ms. Nyaboke is no stranger to such difficult tasks. In 2005, he was living in Nandi Hills, working as a bicycle taxi driver and also pulling a cart (cart).

He was previously working as a casual laborer in various construction sites in Nairobi, Eldoret, Nyamira and Kisii.

Ms. Nyaboke, who moved to Kisii from Nandi Hills in 2007 due to post-election fighting, believes God has reserved her life for a greater purpose.

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