The Eliud 1:59 Isuzu truck to retail at sh6 million more than usual trucks

If you've been eyeing the newly unveiled Eliud Kipchoge 1:59 Limited Edition Isuzu D-Max truck then be prepared to cough up sh9 million for the beats.

The desert orange-colored truck is going up for like 4 million more than the usual D-Max trucks exclusively setting it apart from its predecessors. The normal D-Max trucks usually range at an average starting price of anywhere between Sh3.6 million and Sh4.5 million while the 2023 model goes for anything between Sh5.3 million and Sh5.6 million.

Isuzu East Africa Marketing and New Markets Officer, Mr Kevin Ochieng revealed that the truck was super pricey due to all the intricate details and designs that had gone into its production.


 According to Mr Kevin, the limited edition D-Max will come with an array of new additions tailor-made to celebrate 2-time Olympic marathon champion Kipchoge and mirror his personality.

Only 159 trucks are up for sale and Kevin notes they will also spot the Kenyan flag on its grills as a nod to Kenyans and matte black rims borrowed from the black in the Kenyan flag.


Besides that, the truck will have five of Eliud Kipchoge’s signatures spread across it as well as logos associated with him around the truck including the 1:59 record time he clocked in unofficially breaking a world record by completing a marathon in under two hours.

In the interior, owners of the vehicle will find Kipchoge’s signature on the rocker door panels just before they enter the vehicle as well as on the back of the center console. On the mats, drivers will be able to spot Kipchoge’s name on the top left and since the first vehicle will belong to Kipchoge, the mat will be engraved Kipchoge 001. Subsequent buyers will have the mats serialized and engraved with 002-059.

The truck also now comes with an Intelligent Driver Assist System that will synchronize the driver and the experience, “helping the driver and machine become one.”

The sync feature, for instance, prevents the driver from skidding or stopping next to another road user by automatically applying the emergency brakes if the driver needs to do so.

Kevin also mentioned that the truck will include an adaptive cruise control system that will make sure that the speed at which it is being driven is in line with that of the vehicle in front of it.

While in traffic, it will automatically increase or decrease its speed. The truck will also have an electric steering control system, or "lane assist feature," which will warn and notify a driver to get back into the right lane when he veers off.

The truck will also be equipped with automated headlamps that can be adjusted for brightness or dimness based on the time of day, the weather, and oncoming traffic. The car also includes a Blind Spot Monitor System, which warns the driver if an obstruction, such as a boda boda, is right next to it.

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