Sandra Dacha

Kenyan actress Sandra Dacha is advising Kenyan creatives against the consumption of Alcohol.

Dacha was speaking at the late Ochonjo's night vigil, Dacha partly attributed Ochonjo’s tribulations and illness to Alcohol.

She advised that whoever wants to take alcohol should do so in moderation.


“Artistes please, I’m begging you, let’s stop alcohol consumption, I know partying is good but just control it.

"When the doctor tells you to quit alcohol please do it. when the doctors tell you to quit meat, do it, eat greens until the day you will feel better and go back to your old habits under the Doctor's instructions.

"This is really sad… it has even become like a song, every time, Please quit alcohol!," Dacha said. 


She went on to acknowledge that alcohol is not that bad when taken in moderation.

 “Please don’t drink to get drunk,” Sandra said.

On the other hand, actress and radio host Wilbroda also advised creatives to always stand with their peers whenever they are facing any challenges.

“When you stand with people, people will always stand with you. Always make sure that you are in an artiste’s group.

“Just make sure as an artiste you are standing with other artists and I always tell people it doesn’t make how much you contribute, it is the thought that counts," Wilbroda said. 

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