Akuku Danger and Melina Gold

Former Churchill show comedian Akuku Danger has savagely clapped back to fashion designer Melina Gold, who went on a social media ranting - trashing Kenyan entertainers and their fashion sense among other things.

In his reply to the designer, Akuku asked Melina to do less talking and more actions highlighting if she was that bothered then she should join the industry and do what she expects of others.

According to the comedian that was the best way to solve the problem at hand because only she appeared madly triggered.


"Mimi naona huyu Melina Gold pia naye akuwe tu msanii avae hizo vitu anataka wasanii wavae!

 (In my opinion, I see it only fit that the so called Melina Gold should switch careers and join the entertainment world. 

Then she can go ahead and dress in all those things that she wants to see artists dressed in!) Problem solved, "Akuku Danger wrote on his Instagram stories.


Earlier on in the day Melina had voiced her disappointment with Kenya's award-winning globally celebrated band Sauti Sol announcing their breakup.

Taking to her social media, the designer shared how Sauti Sol has always held the Kenyan spotlight representing us globally from their outfit choices to their melodious, catchy hits. The CEO added she felt there is no one in the entertainment industry that can match up to the group's charismatic ways.

She referred to the remaining artists as mediocre struggling artists. Not sure if she was referring to their fashion sense/outfit choices, music and tunes or both.

"Yaani for years these guys have held our industry, big clap. The rest is mediocre shiii....the only recognizable name you can mention in any country to represent kenya is Sauti Sol. The rest is just people doing mathogothanio calling themselves artists," wrote the fashion designer.

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