Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

Gospel singer Guardian Angel penned a sweet message to his wife Esther Musila time she was turning 53 years old.   


Angel used his socials to celebrate his wife, confessing how lucky he is to have her in his life.

"Can't believe it has been 3 years already. It has been the best part of my life. Loving on you is the sweetest experience ever. YOU ROCK MY WORLD QUEEN blessings on your birthday @esther.musila you are my everything,” Angel wrote.


Esther Musila replied; β€œMy life began when I met you, my love, it has been 3 years of bliss and I thank you for coming. You brought a whole new meaning to my existence. I love you my King πŸ’žπŸ’ž,”.


At the same time, Esther put up a lengthy post highlighting all the things she has been through for the past 53 years.

She says she has learned what’s good for her and how to navigate every situation she is in.

β€œ53 years today, Esther Jeanette Ngenyi Musila was born as the 1st born child and only daughter of my parents. I had a most humble upbringing which has shaped and contributed to the person I am today.

"I have been through life, seen and heard it all! One thing is grateful for is that I have always stood up for myself and lived by my rules. I know what is good for Esther and that is what I give her, the best for her. I have never shied away from living my life and living it unapologetically! I thrive on positivity and good vibes because I am intentional in what I feed my mind, body, and soul,” Esther said in part.

Musila added that she carries her age with grace and honour – saluting her family for always being there for her.

β€œI carry my age with grace and honor because I know God has enabled me to be on his wake-up list every single morning of my 53 years on this earth so I will keep embracing my days and living each day like it's my last. To my family and my true friends who are part of my life each and every day, I thank you for your love.

β€œTo me Esther, keep winning, living, loving and laughing. You are simply the BEST! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž,” Esther Musila.

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