Zari Hassan and hubby Shakib

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has disclosed that her husband only gave her a Quran as her Bride price during their wedding.


Speaking minutes after landing in Tanzania on Saturday, Zari mentioned that she has had almost everything she wanted in life, and that is why she went for a Quran.

Adding that she is trying to build her Faith as a Muslim and that’s why she only asked for the holy book


“I have had everything I have ever wanted in this world God has blessed me I have a beautiful life, my kids are okay and my business is thriving and I get gigs here and there.


"I’m blessed enough… so for me  I only have my husband for a Quaran because I’m trying to up my faith game, I’m a Muslim to sometimes, he was even surprised when I told him that.

“So he bought me one, so that it, only a Quran,” Zari Hassan said.


Zari and her hubby Shakib tied the knot recently in a private Muslim wedding that was attended by their close people.

The Quran states: Give to the women (whom you marry) their bridal-due (mahr) willingly and for good (i.e., without expecting a return); however, if of their own accord they remit any part of it to you, then you are welcome to enjoy it gladly.

In the Islamic tradition, at the time of marriage, the couple or the couple's family negotiates what is called the Mahr, Mehrieh, Mehr, most commonly known to Americans as a dowry, at the time of marriage. A dowry in the Muslim faith is a gift, or a promise of a gift, to the wife by the husband.

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