Njugush with Abel Mutua

President William Ruto has weighed on the new proposal aimed at taxing digital content creators in the upcoming finance Bill.

Speaking at State House, Ruto said that his government is working on mechanisms for monetizing the digital space.

“I know there is a proposal in this year's budget on Digotal content and creators are making a statement. I have told ICT and finance committee to work on it and let’s give them a little more space. Let’s allow them kidogo wajipange but later all over will pay tax.

"You know when KRA hears that there is someone somewhere making money, they visit him… but we have heard you and we are going to work with you and make sure that does not work against what you want to do,” the President said. 

The Head of State further gave examples of Comedian Eddie Butita and Njugush- saying they are making more money than him through content creation.  

“…That is why we have Njugush and Butita around – these are our great artistes who are monetizing their content. Congratuklations Gentlement. Those two gentlemen you see there are making more money than my salary, msiowaone sijui ati wamevaa T-shirt, those guys are serious entrepreneurs.

Congratulations for being examples for many of our young people and knowing that the YouTube space is available for our young people," President Ruto said. 

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